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The 2th "two sessions" of the 2019 Haojing Group was successfully held in Shanghai

The 2th "two sessions" of the 2019 Haojing Group was successfully held in Shanghai

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On March 5th, the “2019 Spring Sales Conference” of Haojing Group was successfully held in Haojing Manor; on March 6th, “2019 Haojing Group Appointment Ceremony and Opening Ceremony” was held in Shanghai Mili Hao big hotel, hundreds of Haojing people of the family will go forward together to celebrate!


Haojing“Two sessions”

Yangchun Budeze, all things shine.

On March 5th, the “2019 Spring Sales Conference” of Haojing Group was successfully held in Haojing Manor; on March 6th, “2019 Haojing Group Appointment Ceremony and Opening Ceremony” was held in Shanghai Meili Hao big hotel, hundreds of Haojing people of the family will go forward together to celebrate!


2019 Haojing Group Spring Sales Conference


At 13:30 on March 5, the "2019 Spring Sales Conference" of the Haojing Group was opened on time. Mr. Lin Jiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presided over the meeting. This meeting mainly met new employees, analyzed the current situation of the group company and the development of future trends, and all departments actively participated in the topic interaction.

Summary 2018, Outlook 2019!



2019 Haojing Group Appointment Ceremony and Construction Reception


At 17:00 on March 6, Haojing group held the annual opening reception in accordance with the convention, which is the New Year carrying the dream and hope of Haojing voyage. Haojing family, gathered together with laughter, to Haojing company, and the group to celebrate!


Haojing Group Appointment Ceremony






leader's speech


Mr. Zhu Zhandong delivered a speech:

What is Haojing? Everything in Haojing makes us feel warm and belonging. Haojing is a good platform for career development. I believe that the development of the new base of Haojing will make more achievements for us. The foundation of Haojing makes us work happier, let us have more responsibility, confidence and mission. We firmly believe that we will do our best to develop the window and system window of Haojing, and we will develop the industry into a bright pearl of the industry.!


Speech by Mr. Wang Xiangyang:

Interpretation: "2019 is the worst year in the past 10 years, and the best year in the next 10 years." Comparing Haojing to today's motor trains and high-speed rails, each car has its own unique power. These powers come from the support of various departments. Only when everyone exerts their own strengths and advantages can the train of Haojing go further and further, like the Chinese high-speed rail to the world!


Mr. Shi Zhong’s speech:

There are many bright spots in Haojing, and the power is very good, and can make high-quality products, and the production planning department praises the site. Around: establish a sales network, receive a full list, project tracking management, learn from each other, and point out the points. To build a team with combat effectiveness, let the team become a wise and strong, let us work together to achieve "Haojing dream"!


Mr. Anji Shen delivered a speech:

The clear order at the meeting is the fundamental source of a company's business development. Looking back on the ups and downs of the past year, it proves that companies that have gone well will go further and further. We must enrich our products, enhance higher quality, and let the Haojing brand Carry forward. We now have a strong team. No matter how difficult the market is and the task is hard, we must work together to provoke this important task. We are confident that we will redouble our efforts in 2019 to make a satisfactory answer for the shareholders and colleagues who are sitting!


Issue a certificate of honor

The steady development of Haojing is inseparable from the silent dedication of all colleagues. Here, we applaud the excellent employees and outstanding cadres, thanking them for their hard work in the past year.!!!


Excellent employees in 2018:


Excellent cadres in 2018:



Mr. Lin Jiang: 2019 is the year of hard work. Our customer base is also undergoing qualitative changes. I hope that we will take another step in quality. “We are not a good person.” We need more high-quality orders to strengthen the development of the company. Serve our customers with quality.
Mr. Ni Le: After 16 years of Spring and Autumn, Haojing has transformed from a small company 16 years ago to a company with the right to speak in the industry. Thank you for your hard work and hope that in the near future, this new one in Haojing Driven by the giant wheel, it can become a company that is more responsible to the enterprise, to the society, and to everyone.
Toasting together, let us wish together:

“Haojing will be better tomorrow”!!!



Walking together is a fate,
It is happiness to walk together.

I hope that good luck Haojing accompanied by the joyful surprises of every day!


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