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Sinochem International

Sinochem International

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Sinochem International Headquarters is located in Shanghai Pudong World Expo Park. The design is based on the principles of "land saving, energy saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection" and is constructed according to 5A Class A office building standard. It has won the Samsung Green Architectural Design Sign Certificate (the highest level in China), and has passed the Shanghai Construction Project "Magnolia" Award (municipal high-quality project) acceptance.
Sinochem International Headquarters is located in Shanghai Pudong World Expo Park. The design is based on the principles of "land saving, energy saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection" and is constructed according to 5A Class A office building standard. It has won the Samsung Green Architectural Design Sign Certificate (the highest level in China), and has passed the Shanghai Construction Project "Magnolia" Award (municipal high-quality project) acceptance.
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