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Company culture

Company culture

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Logo Interpretation

The logo is transformed from the initial letter "HJ" of the phonetic alphabet "HaoJing" and looks like a sailing boat. The logo is simple and generous, full of movement and tension. It symbolizes the enterprise spirit of HaoJing people who unite as one, ride the wind and break the waves, and strive for the first place. It also symbolizes HaoJing's good wishes for smooth sailing and good luck. It also symbolizes HaoJing's vision of working hand in hand with customers and achieving win-win results.


Brand concept——Take advantage of the wind and break through the waves, work hand in hand to win-win situation。

"Ride by the wind and break through the waves" is the spirit of enterprise to practice hard internal skills and pursue high efficiency and high quality. HaoJing people take "providing professional glass solutions for construction and becoming the best partner" as the goal, adhering to the management concept of innovation, vigorously develop brand production and sales, with quality first as the pursuit, so that the product forms a good reputation, and has been unremittingly committed to product research and development, continuous innovation, and strive to brand-new shape. Like the achievement of the best brand of glass products. HaoJingren insists on customer-centered, market-oriented, realistic, refined, dedicated, united, grateful, constantly surpassing self and pursuing excellence as values.


"Hand in Hand and Win-win" is the common pursuit and ideal realm of cooperation between enterprises and customers

The brand concept of HaoJing glass "ride the wind and break the waves, hand in hand win-win" is the inevitable requirement for the development and continuation of product sales, sustainable development and continuous growth of enterprises. HaoJing Glass takes "high quality products, professional services, customer satisfaction" as a sword to open up the market and cut through the thorns for the development of enterprises. At the same time, its spirit of pioneering and innovation, solidarity, cooperation and customer first has created a new world for its fierce market competition, creating a new ideal and adding strength.


Image Promotion Advertising Language: "[Hao] Glass, [Crystal] Quality"

A good advertising language can use concise and vivid language to concentrate and vividly express the characteristics and characteristics of commodities and express wishes and requirements; it not only can attract the audience, infect the audience, make people understand their commodities, trust their commodities, but also become an important way of brand communication. With "Haojing glass, [crystal] quality" as advertising language, homophonic: "good glass, fine quality", advertising language not only implies Haojing brand, but also strengthens the quality of Haojing glass. The language is concise, the intention is accurate, and the words are clear and catchy.