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What a beautiful Jasmine Flower

Date:2018-04-28 08:48

“Jasmine Flower” is not only a Chinese famous ballad, but also a new fantastic landmark in Fuzhou-- STRAIT CULTURE AND ART CENTRE.



Facts                                                                                       Companies Involved

Official Name


Owner  MAWEI

Other Names

Jasmine Flower

Architect  PESARK


Under Construction



China Glass  HAOJING


Fuzhou Gross Floor Area  151,821m2



Main structure

 8+1.52SGP+8Low-E+12A+10  Low-iron tempered units


The buildings resemble the petals of a jasmine blossom, the city flower of Fuzhou. Five different venues are linked by a single-level “Culture Concourse” lobby space. The lobby spaces and roof terrace are open to the public. The roof is accessed via smooth ramps from both sides of the building, embracing the central “Jasmine Plaza”, which connects the culture complex to the riverfront of the Minjiang River.
On the underground level, a “Shopping River” is located along Liangcuo River to connect the landscape actively to the building functions and to attract visitors entering from the metro station into the cultural buildings.


The five ”Jasmine Petal” venues comprise: a multifunctional theater with 700 seats an opera house with 1,600 seats a concert hall with 1,000 seats an art exhibition building a movie center with six movie halls


Dividing the large cultural complex into smaller units creates human-scale spaces both inside and outside. The public interiors are integrated into the landscape of the “Jasmine Gardens” around the building. Each of the venues is entered via an impressive curved and ramping gallery space, shaded by a screen façade made of white glazed ceramic louvers. The interior of these galleries is made of bamboo, adding to the natural feel and Chinese character of the project.



The great designs deserve great glass. As the exclusive glass supplier, Haojing makes the flower come true. Although the difficulty is unimaginable, the insulating units are up to quadruple and the sizes are totally different from each other, our skilled advisors and workers completed the outstanding task in a short time. Just like our vision, better glass, better buildings, we believe in the near future, the most beautiful jasmine will bloom on the edge of Minjiang River!

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